Calling Javascript and get data in models from button in Odoo

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Calling Javascript from button in Odoo and obtain records data from model seems simple but made me crazy for some subtle details and messy documentation.
Maybe this is not the perfect way to do it but finally i’ve found it (any suggestion will be appreciate)

The first problem is in obtaing data from current model and relational fields.

I’ve made it with some data taken directly from record.data in javascript and some others in python code with @api.model directives.

This is the code i’ve used for .py

def get_all_data(self,partner_id, pick_id, company_id,contract_id):
   packs = 0
   result = {}
   res_ids = self.env['res.partner'].search([['id', '=', partner_id]])

   for p in res_ids:
      result['name'] = p.name
      result['street'] = p.street
      result['street2'] = p.street2
      result['zip'] = p.zip
      result['city'] = p.city


and this for .js

FormController.include({_onButtonClicked: function (event) {
   if(event.data.attrs['name'] == 'gls_call')
      var partner_id = record.data.partner_id.data.id;

               model: 'stock.picking',
               method: 'get_all_data',
               args: [partner_id,pick_id,company_id,contract_id],
                  var Street= res.street

Hope all of this can be of any help for someone catching with the same problem!

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